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What this site is about

The intention of this particular site is to put up various miscellany about my life. This will include events, opinions, creative and other output and stuff like that. At various points I will invite comments from others. In some entries here, I will invite responses, and they may be put up at my sole discretion. In general though, if you want to contact me, you can do so at alex@lubansky.net. I reserve the right to make up rules as I need to, but in general, I will not publish anonymous messages unless I believe they exceedingly merit it. If you want your points of view or comments regarding any opinion pieces published, they should be polite (i.e. not unnecessary swearing and writing f--- doesn't count, no personal insults etc), and, where possible, references should be given. Also, because I have only been playing with webpages for a short time, and am doing so directly through code, if anyone has suggestions for better ways of presenting this, please email me and let me know.

The basis for the opinions put forth is democracy: I am entitled to express any opinion I want, regardless of facts, with dubious interpretations and without having to change mind when they are shown to be inapplicable. The same basis is frequently used by people when deciding who to vote for. And then they vote for the same people again (and again and again). This basis does not mean that I have open slather to slander. It does not mean that I am liable to libel. It just means that I can express opinions about issues freely.

I will at this point put in a disclaimer. Not all of the opinions I present will be my own. Sometimes it is fun to be the lone voice crying out against some idea, even though I happen to agree with it. Sometimes it is an interesting exercise to try arguing alternate viewpoint, and doing so in public provides a better test. Also, any of the stories, or other similar entries I put in are fictional. Not that they aren't true, just, because they have been filtered through my perception, and then through my memory, and then through my judgement as to what I will publish and what I won't, and then through my use of expressions, they may only have a tenuous relationship to how other people perceive them. This doesn't make them any less valid a record of my life and my experiences. It just means that it should be remembered what filtering goes in before the stories are presented.

I'm not going to start off with a description of who I am. The main reasons are because it will change as I grow up and have more experiences and live, because it has been dealt with elsewhere, and because it should emerge through what I write. I will also mention that I generally include a lot of cultural references which are relevant to me. I will sometimes reference them, but usually I won't. If you understand, congratulations; if you don't, hopefully the basic message will come through, even if some of the humour or nuances don't. If it does seem crucial, you are welcome to either search on line or ask. I will generally reply (be vewy, vewy quiet. We're making non-core pwomises. Haahaahaahaahaa!).

Finally, I will point out that, when there are differences between the way things are done in Australia and elsewhere, I will generally take the Australian conventions. This will probably be particularly noticeable with some of the spellings and use of dates. I will also generally use metric measurements (usually SI units, although sometimes I may slip into cgs, just because there are times when cms or grams are more convenient than metres or kgs.


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