The Baden-Powell Award

The BP Award is one of the goals a Rover can aim to achieve. The award encourages the individual to develop, either in a more traditional scouting way or in a much more personal way. It's one of the most flexible awards in scouting but remains the hardest to achieve. There are many reasons for this and the statement is certainly open to debate but I believe it to be the case.

I have always been a fan of the BP award which is one reason I spent 2 years as Region Vice Chair. During that time I began a guide book to the BP Award, written from the point of view of the facilitators. By that I mean the processes such as deciding on how to begin, taking things to crew and region and what happens at the end. I always felt that these aspects are not widely known or available to prospective BP Awardees. It's currently labeled as 2nd draft. It has been for a few years now to don't hold your breath for a final version in the near future.