Welcome to my World

Who am I?

Heather and me

My name is Raymond Lubansky. I have a PhD from the University of Melbourne on axiomatic spectral theory in Banach algebras. I am a maths nerd, a computer geek, an ex-rover and most importantly, married to my beloved Heather. I work for DEEWR, mostly using the thinking skills I developed over the years. I also get to use my computer skills and a few others besides.

This website is purely for my entertainment so it doesn't change often. I spend most of my time doing what is listed above; that is going to work, playing with my computer and spending time with my wife so this website only gets a little time to itself. I decline to blog and don't feel the need to update regularly so regular visits are not necessary.


First and foremost I have a few pages relating to who I am in my family. This includes an explanation of my nickname, the poem I wrote for my wedding speech and a tribute to my dear son, Jacob.

I have written some thoughts on life in general including a consideration about philosophy of life, and a rant about temporal linguistics and time travel.

I have an old page for some of my old sketches and other pictures as well as a word about some of my favourite programs. I have a page for an old work of mine, the Baden-Powell Award Guide Book.

I have written a page on how to construct a Klein Bottle from a piece of paper, some tape and an extra spacial dimension. I have a page describing beauty in mathematical research and my research.

End stuff

HTML and CSS tutorials, references, and articles

For anyone who would like to learn html for themselves, Magda directed me to htmldog which made all this work. This link has been a first step on developing programming skills which have served me very well. I have found it very useful and recommend it to beginners. It's very simple and amusing. Enjoy the limerick.

A poet who isn't the best
In limerick chooses to jest.
His metrical feet
That give us the beat
Have iamb not just anapest.

Date last modified: 1st Mar 2009