My Nickname

My Hebrew name

If you've not figured it out from the heading, I'm Jewish and have a Hebrew name. In all its glory my name reads as ראובן נדב בן יצחק צבי הכהן Reuven Nadav ben Yitzchak Tsevi ha Cohen. That's who they ask for when they call me to read from the Torah. It happens sometimes.

Now to the translation. Reuven translates as "Look, a boy." Reuven was the eldest of Jacob's sons. Nadav translates as "Noble". He was Aaron's son (Moses' nephew). For the rest of it, ben is "son", Yitzchak Tsevi is my father's name and ha Cohen means "the Priest". So it comes out as "Reuven Nadav, son of Yitzchak Tsevi the Priest". Yes, I am a priest. This should not be confused with the role of a Catholic Priest. It is my family; my tribe.

My Nickname

My nickname, Revi is a corruption on my Hebrew name. It shouldn't be too hard to see how ראובן Reuven becomes רבי Revi. Any and all should feel welcome to use it to identify me. I always use it as my identity. I don't use it as my name for formal settings but it is who I am so feel free and inclined to address me as such. Now you know.

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