Are you familiar with SVG? Some time ago I discovered an interesting program called inkscape. Whereas we usually draw pictures by considering our actions in coloured pencils, paint or whatever, inkscape compares to making a picture with cardboard cut outs. You make shapes by various means and then decide how you want those shapes coloured. The technical term for this is scalable vector graphics. The main benefits of this format are that the shapes are easy to move and reshape and that it comes out to a small text file. Simply put that means you can easily turn any picture you have into an appropriate ordinary picture of any size and quality.

The comparison

To show you just how simple this method is, I decided to redo an old picture I made of an apple. I think it was a similar picture to one I had seen elsewhere but that detail is now lost to antiquity. The differences are quite obvious. The most obvious effect is how smooth the lighting on the svg picture is. In case it's not obvious, the svg in the one on the right.

Pencil apple Cardboard apple

Mostly for my amusement but also in the hope that someone will find this useful, I've also tried my hand at updating the old Victorian Rovers Logo. I nicked the file off the VicRovers Yahoo Groups Page. The original has been replaced with my version so you can't see it there. I must admit, I was surprised by some of the original content. Those are NOT circles. They're round but have non-zero eccentricity. Also, the stars have a yellow tinge to them. I didn't make the Earth myself. I used this one. It was easier.

Old drawn version New SVG version

Also included are some of my older pictures. I really enjoyed making them. There are pencil sketches (not really, just black and white) and there are works in colour. They're not what I would call excellent work but I like them. All of the images are shrunk so there are bigger views.

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