My Wedding Speech

I wrote a poem to recite for my wedding speech. I had such a great impact on the night that I was encouraged to make it generally available. I enjoy writing verse and this was no exception. Enjoy.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Family and friends;
Delighted that you all could come
To witness the day
We formally say
That we are united as one.

I trust that it shows
My verse is not prose.
I share this in rhythm and rhyme.
I hope that this all
Does none to appal
But rather lead to a good time.

Now for my first task
I'd just like to ask
You turn your attention away
To maids and the men
Who stood with us when
We said our vows this special day.

Left of the table,
See, if you're able:
We've Erica, Vickie and Chell.
Their beauty is shown;
Your efforts are known
The rest of us here; we can tell.

And now to the right;
A similar sight:
We've Danny and Alex and Paul.
For ties, thanks to Chell,
And suits, thanks to Pa.
You three, you look great; thank you all.

Here also, my bride
Wants me to provide
Her thanks to the girls for their work.
To help make you see
The princess she'd be
And keep her from going berserk.

My Heather, so true.
You know I love you.
I'll stand by you all of my life.
So glad that today
I can truly say
I love you my Heather my wife.

My Heather, my wife.
Beloved betrothed.
My Heather, my partner, my friend.
The love of my life
Who grows as I grow.
On you I can always depend.

To Mum and to Dad;
Now two of you each;
I thank you for kindness you gave.
Treated like family
Right from the start
No better way you could behave.

To family and friends:
You all did the same.
You acted with class and respect.
You all were just glad
That we are in love.
And never gave cause to object.

Now time comes to note
Those who live remote
And came to see our special day.
For those who live near,
Your presence brings cheer,
Don't feel that we left you astray.

My brother who hails
From Swansea in Wales
And Rebecca his wife, also.
Aunt Julie and John
From England beyond.
More Family I need to know.

On to Mum's family
From all around.
We've Pamela and Marilyn.
Laurence and Carol
Ian and Julie.
Cameron, Fiona and Nathan.

Now just a quick thought;
Grandparents who ought
To celebrate with us today.
Our thoughts go to them
As they are not here.
I hope that will help in its way.

I'd like to depart
With stuff of the heart:
Beloved betrothed; now my bride.
Whose boundless beauty
On this day of days
No one here has cause to deride.

Two years ago,
Not far away,
With Tys and Beck,
Their wedding day.

We had a talk.
We had a dance.
That's how began
Our fine romance.

It did not take
Too long to know
How much, dear wife,
I love you so.

We were engaged.
We now are wed.
There's nothing left
That must be said.