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Welcome to my World


After many moons of disordered growth I'm to the point where I can make the index a little more meaningful. I'm not yet at the point of restructuring everything but I might as well make a start. Commentary at the start, index in the middle and the end can stay as it is for now. Just about everything needs to be completed but it's all finished enough for now. I'm still playing but aiming for something more finished.

Isn't acquiesce a beautiful word! It means to agree. I was thinking of agreeing formally but only at a request and it came to me. I've started playing with php now. Notice that anything less that 2 weeks old gets sharps in the index. (You'll only notice it if I keep fiddling.) Fun though. More sharps for newer files.


End stuff

Finally, a quick thank you to Magda for directing me to this nice link that has made this all work. I have found it very useful and recommend it to beginners. It's very simple and amusing. Enjoy the limerick.

Date last modified: 3rd Oct 2007