Jacob Sebastian


Teddy bear Name: Jacob Sebastian Lubansky
יעקב כפיר בן ראובן נדב
Ya'akov Kefir ben Reuven Nadav
Born: 10:55am, 18th February 2009
Weight: 2.966kg 6lb 9oz
Height: 51cm 1' 8"
Head Circumference: 31cm 12"


Jacob Sebastian

Jacob who we love so much
And wanted so to meet.
Caring for you,
Our baby boy
Beautiful soul that you are.

Son, you mean so much to us,
Ever in our hearts,
But you could not live on with us
As we wanted you to do.
So many set to love you, Jake,
To teach you all we know
In life and love and all beyond
And miss you now you're gone.
Now find your peace beyond this life,
forever in our hearts.
Until one day we join you there,
our family whole once more.